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Plasticourt Sports Courts Specialist - Brand Refinement

About the Company

Plasticourt employs a meticulously crafted 12-layer resurfacing procedure aimed at fortifying and significantly prolonging the durability of your courts. By implementing this comprehensive process, we provide our clients with the added benefit of a considerably extended period between resurfacing cycles, potentially reaching up to a decade.

Brief and Approach

To refine the brand, the company wanted to expand on their current brand items giving a clearer message as to what they do.

Plasticourt already had a logo which had much potential, our approach was just to simplify it, creating a more simpler shape. We added to the message visually and verbally, the message being their services and the fact that an unmaintained court really messes up the game even to the point of stopping it or taking the fun away from the game.

Plasticourt are great to work with and we look forward to working on more design projects with them taking this fairly new brand places.


  • Logo Refinement
  • Stationery
  • Pattern
  • Social Profile Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand Style Guide

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