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Posted by: Jason 08/06/2024

How to keep ideas Fresh by Six Foot Design Co and Stranger Things

3 Ways To Keep The Ideas Flowing

I don't know of anyone who has not had a time where ideas, whether strategic or creative have felt like stranger things being sucked into the upside down (yes I am a sci-fi fan), a total block, it happens and it doesn't make you non-creative or bad at business. Here are 3 practical ways I find that could really assist with getting out of this block

1. Don't Force them

There's nothing worse than forcing an idea, yes there are times that you need to think of something quickly, this is where the following two points would assist with this.

Forcing makes you create out of desperation not passionately, the result will come across as in-authentic and you may miss out on better ideas. There is no such thing as a bad idea only one that needs a little more time to be attended too, and this does not mean take months on it, it may just need to left a day or two to be further thought out.

2. Keep Inspiration

Keep an inspiration library, for me it's keep a library of those artists past and present that inspire me as an art director. This library does not mean that it has to be an arty one, it can contain business information that may be relevant to your industry or products your competitors sell that are similar to yours, the internet is packed with gems and articles.

Whether it's creative or strategic, it's about solving problems and something in this inspiration library may provide the key to the solution you need in the time of a block.

3.Take a step back

Get out, take a step back from your office, take a walk, activity stimulates the brain, the wheels of everyday life may present an extraordinary solution especially if we are not looking for it, so keep a notebook handy for when that insight strikes it's best to jot it down immediately you can refine later.

In Conclusion

Not being able to think of ideas all the time does not make you any less professional it makes you human.

They say good artists copy, great artists steal, Copying means you are mimicking other work as closely as possible. There is no deviation. There is no extra thought going into it. But when you steal, you aren't just mimicking their work. You are letting their ideas influence and inspire you. You are defining what matters to you and making it your own. 

I think this saying does not only apply to artists but is very much applicable to business strategy too, I was just looking an article about Elon Musk and his new smart phone, the smart phone concept has been around for a while but he has put his own spin on it. I think this illustrates this quote very well.

Ideas are infinite in supply; as long as the wheels of civilization are turning, there will be space for innovation, from the big ideas to the everyday sparks of genius.