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Posted by: Jason 11/19/2023

Why focusing on a niche is important.

You probably wondering why and how a master of the universe figurine has any anything to do with niching. Well here's the back story and it involves a 9 year old boy (me), He-man (the same, but not the same, I found this one much later) and super glue. Now let me tell that even if you are a master of the universe, a super strong action figure, nothing can prepare you for the power of a 9 year old with super glue.

Still confused, here's the story, I had this exact He-man back in '84 and while I was playing with him the arm broke off, so I grabbed the super glue from my dad's tool box and glued it back but after that the poor arm was stuck in one position forever.

You see I understood what glue does, but in this situation I did not know how to use it effectively, in other words glue it so the arm still moved.

I think the same can be said for the importance of the niching, both as a company and on social media, having that special skill and being able to use effectively for your clients.

3 reasons why it is important:

You establish authority
Showing you are an expert in your area not only builds trust, but also brings specific clients and collaborators.

Increase visibility
It's easier for people to find you especially if seeking a specific product.

Simplifies your marketing strategy
You will get higher returns on marketing investment because you know exactly what you want to focus on.

Finding your niche does take a bit of trial and error, we know this all to well, but once you find it's all systems go.