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Posted by: Jason 19/10/2023

Six Foot Design Co - Make your Cleints go Ooh La la

6 Ways to be the brand that makes your clients go Ooh La La.

The beauty of these thoughts is that we learn together, as someone that has always been part of a internal marketing team, I have to spend quite a bit of time understanding and learning how to run as business for my own and these articles help me better myself too.

6 Ways to be that brand.

Know your target audience and provide a solution specific to their needs.

Establish emotional connections with them through: understanding, approach-ability, empowerment , relevance and pride in their brand

Make sure everyone at your company loves what they do and with you in your brand strategy, not forgetting they have goals too.

Give great service, it's about experience with two way relationships, we need to listen to understand not listen to respond unless its with a question that would help understand better not an opinion (unless asked).

Know what you good at and do that well, try not be jack of all trade, niche! this makes it easier to better at wat your good at and at the same you will be in better position to give a constructive answer to a problem that needs solving.

Be Consistent both with your branding and what your brand represents, to the best of your ability.
Remember, if people see a brand that is all over place with their style and message, it does not build trust.

In conclusion, we are not perfect, no one really is, I do believe though that there is a lot in how we handle our errors that contributes to a positive experience of brand too. 

I do hope these points really do ring true, they most certainly where an eye opener for us.