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Posted by: Jason 22/01/2024

3 Reasons why branding is much like painting a house.

So you might have guessed it from the title, that we may be in the process of painting. Yes!, we got that seven year itch and have started freshening up things on the home front.

This blog item is not very long, but all this painting got us thinking about branding for some reason.

Here are 3 reasons why?

One coat is never enough
Branding is visual and it is built from the essence and foundations of a brand, one coat is never enough, a logo is a good start and can be seen as a first coat, but it's the identity elements built over time that create this visual recognition of a brand, the style, the font, the colours and patterns (2nd and 3rd Coats) which complete the branding process and bring a better return on investment.

There's always those touch ups that require action
You will always find those "missed a spot moments" in painting, they are frustrating because you have to pull out the brush again and touch up. Branding is much the same there is always something that can be improved upon, it's very much an ongoing adventure. Just like using the right brush for the job, using the right tools and planning can help minimise the touch-ups.

Tastes change and colour choices too
Keeping it fresh is what it's about, but not only that, your colour tastes change too. This is what inspired us to get going with a repaint. Branding is not much different, after a while that need update becomes to large to ignore, we see it with brands all the time, Pepsi, Google, Microsoft, Apple they have all updated or redesigned their logo and look at some stage, the goal keeping a fresh and relevant part in their market in. This change can be a simple tweak in the case of Apple or a total overhaul like BP back then.

In closing we think the term "change is as good as holiday" is very relevant with our painting project, and so it is with branding to, all we can say is happy branding! and how can we help?

On a side note, as we update this article 5mths later we are still in the process of painting, it's fun and although we wanted to be done a while back, life happens, we adapt but we don't loose focus of the goal. This is a good take for the branding process.